Hello and welcome to Healing Zen Massage. I am Graham Stannard, owner and massage practitioner. I am qualified in the Zen-Su style of massage and I am passionate about helping people to live their best possible lives.

Like many people I have spent a lot of my life searching for a meaningful way to live and for work that I truly enjoy. Throughout my life I have worked in a variety of jobs and over the years I have come to learn that I really enjoy helping others and this led me to a realisation that my true passion is to help people to live their best possible lives.

What solidified this for me was learning a technique of deep tissue massage with my friend, Suzen. She had developed a style called Zen-Su which incorporates what she had learned from her work with Tai-Chi and also Chi-Gong.

Over the years I have also enjoyed working in radio presenting a number of music shows and more recently, presenting and being involved with a mental health podcast on the Essex based radio station, Phoenix FM. With this show, I have been exploring ways of speaking to and interviewing others who are helping people to feel better or who have forged their own way of living a life they truly enjoy and are able to share.

Customer Testimonials

People’s wonderful comments and experiences are the reason I keep doing what I do and love. There is no better feeling than knowing that you have helped another to feel at ease and free of tension both physically and mentally.

These are just a small collection of my customer testimonials, all of which I am very proud of and more can be found throughout the website.

Graham Stannard

Angelique - London

“Graham gives off an incredible energy which puts you at ease. I tend to get a lot of massages and this was one of the best I have had. He was very considerate and took his time to understand where I was experiencing tension the most. The chi healing was an added bonus. I would (and have) recommended Graham and to anyone.”

Jade - London

“I was extremely satisfied with the treatment from Graham. He was very professional throughout and did a great chi energy treatment, as well as follow on advice. I would highly recommend Graham.”

Monica - London

“Having a massage with Graham was great! He came to my place which was really convenient and created a nice environment (even brought his own music). He helped to release a lot of the tension in my back and advised a few stretching exercises. Made me feel really comfortable and I’d recommend to anyone!”

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