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At Healing Zen we believe that everybody should be living their best life, free of tension and worry. This is why we incorporate the Zen-Su style of massage with the wonderful healing powers of chi, to release chronic muscle tension and knots and to re-balance your internal energy system, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed when you leave.

“Very grateful for this experience."

“I had the pleasure and was blessed to receive a massage session from Graham, which was an incredibly beautiful, nurturing and healing experience. It wasn’t only beneficial for my health and body but also a very deep and profound journey. Very grateful for this experience.”

Touch of CHI Massage

A deep release and nurturing massage using trigger point therapy and myofascial stretching to restore muscular integrity whilst also incorporating deep tissue work which is focused to relieve chronic muscle tension and knots. Added to this we use chi energy to provide the full spectrum of healing to help you let go of the tension you no longer need so that you can more forward in your life feeling relaxed, with your body more open and released. 

CHI Healing

Chi is all around us and can be used in this form of alternative medicine called energy healing and it uses a technique called palm healing or hands on healing. During the treatment the chi energy is transferred to you in order to encourage emotional and physical healing. Using chi like this can aid relaxation, assist with the body’s natural healing processes and develop emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

group bookings

As well as the individual treatment sessions that are provided, we also offer group bookings for 3 or more people and we can cater for any type of event. Whether you are simply having a night in with friends, are celebrating a birthday, would like a more relaxing hen or stag party or you do not need an excuse to enjoy some you time, then Healing Zen Massage is the company for you. 

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